("june-ny" or "joo-ny")

photography student
melb, aus.

rambles of thoughtlessness crap.

My mind is racing with thousands of thoughts, yet not one can I truly wrap my fingers or my brain around. As if a collision of thoughts forming into absolutely nothingness, I feel as though my mind is blank and white washed with nonsense. I simply don’t care about anything anymore or bring myself to care. I think you may have noticed my lack in my activity on tumblr. I guess you could say I’ve come to a writer’s block .. or just a block in general - lodged in my brain, my throat or even my hands. I feel no emotions or even think of any emotions to feel. It’s like I can’t seem place a finger on how exactly I am feeling right now. The house is still, silence surrounds me and I could hear the quiet hum coming from the laptop. I feel restless, I hate this silence and not only the silence of sounds but I hate this silence my life has finally come to. I think I may well be diagnosed with a psychotic personality as I wish for the mess, the tears and the constant drama.

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