("june-ny" or "joo-ny")

photography student
melb, aus.

summer night’s dream.

Hope, is what your eyes are gleaming with. You’re giving me chills by the way you’re staring at me. You clutch onto my hand tightly, lacing, entwining our fingers together. Giving me what I couldn’t hope for more, assurance. Naive I am, believed you with all of my existence. And we’re off and we’re running, through a field of dreams. The wind zipping past us as we’re flying through life, the breeze waltzing through my hair and we’re laughing. Our laugh broken into syllables, it ripples throughout the night sky. Underneath the swollen sky, a whirlpool of stars, here we are. The thud of our feet, the breeze screaming in our ears, our heavy breathing and our laughter at it’s highest pitch. Cherishing every moment, I couldn’t help but feel more alive then right at this moment, with you. I clasp tighter on to your hands, bringing our two souls a little closer together. Young kids, were we in lust or in love? Now we’re growing old, with each stride starting to differ. You, you still keeping up with the pace of life. Our hands slip a little further with each thud of our feet, beat of our hearts and with each lifeless laughter. Further and further away I fall behind, until our fingers are no longer lacing, our souls are no longer entwined. After running at full speed for so long, I’ve forgotten how to walk, and walk alone after being so dependent on you, you, my lost lust. Inhaling for the first time since I met you, breath of air, comes to me desperately. I am gasping, choking on the very last tear.

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